River Country

Now closed ā€“ “The Waterpark That Was”

Back in 1976, the Walt Disney Company opened their first ever water park in the compound of Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. The theme of this water park is of rustic wilderness with man-made rock and boulders, which many called the ‘old-fashioned swimming hole’. The most unique feature of this water park is the feature of a sandy bottom and unique water filtering systems so it feels like you really are at the beach! The park uses confluent water from adjacent Bay Lake, which ultimately gave River Country a more natural looking man-made lagoon. Sadly, the park was officially closed in 2005 after four years it had ceased its operations due to lack of profitable income.

River Country provided guests with plenty of fun attractions. There were the 260 feet wide and 160 feet long double water slides that cruises the guest into Bay Cove called the Whoop nā€™ Holler Hollow. Bay Cove was a half-acre water lake complete with its own attractions of the T-bar; which was complete with rope drop, tire swings, boom swings and even a rope climb for those who love traditional swimming hole fun.

The Slippery Slide Falls was a twin water slide that where riders were wooshed swiftly into a clear water pool called the Upstream Plunge. A 330 foot long inner tube river called the White Water Rapids was also another attraction. Lastly is the Cypress Pointe Nature Trail was a trail that was set amongst the trees at Bay Cove. This trail led guests to the Whoop nā€™ Holler Hollow.

As compared to Typhoon Lagoon which was created a few years later, River Country has lost its visitors numbers and the total decreased entirely when Blizzard Beach was opened. With the low earnings, lack of idea for improvements as well as the great success of the other water parks, Walt Disney Company decided to pull the plug with River Country.