7 Do’s & Don’t for Visiting Disney’s Waterparks

Disney’s water parks are a wonderful outing for both adults and children. They are great for getting a whole family together, to go on a date, or just friends getting together to melt their stress away. However, your perfect day in the sun may hit a few snags, if rules are not followed or perhaps you have forgotten to buy sunscreen and are freaking out because you do not want to get sunburned. Below are some tips for making your visit to Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach a smooth and happy one.

What You Should Do:

  • With some of the most massive rides in the world located right at Disney’s water parks, you definitely do not want to have your wallet or your phone in your pocket unless you want to lose it or damage it. Lockers are the best solution to keep your belongings safe and sound while you splash around. They can be found throughout both water parks.
  • Wear flip-flops instead of going barefoot around the water parks. This will protect your feet from getting too hot when walking along the hot footpaths or walking up the stairs to the slides.
  • Did you forget to bring your sunscreen or your camera? No worries! There are stores around both water parks that sell these items.
  • If you have babies or toddlers, bring along your stroller. If you have forgotten to bring them, you can rent them from Guest Services. If you need to change your baby, you can go to one of the Baby Care Centers.

What You Shouldn’t Do

  • Wearing a swimming costume with any exposed metal, rivets, or buckles will mean that you are automatically disqualified from most rides due to safety reasons. The best swimsuit to wear is actually a 1-piece swimsuit especially on more adventurous rides.
  • Do not push the person in front of you when you are on the slides. Pushing the person in front of you may hurt that person (plus it is rude and mean anyway!)
  • Do not eat or drink anything while you are in the water for hygiene reasons