Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon’s claim to fame is that it has the largest outdoor wave pool in the world situated at Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. The park began its operation in June 1, 1989 and in 2008, the park was said to have hosted to almost 2.06 million visitors, making history as the most visited water park in the whole world. The water park is themed as a tropical resort that was hit by a great typhoon throwing all ships, surfboards and fishing gears as well as leaving broken huts everywhere. The park’s mascot is an alligator named ‘Lagoona Gator’.

The main attraction of Typhoon Lagoon is the Mountain Mayday. Mountain Mayday is a man-made mountain that shoots a 50-foot artificial geyser every half an hour before the sound of the bells from Miss Tilly. The sight also serves the many of the park’s waterfalls; Gang Plank Falls, Mayday Falls and Keelhaul Falls, and slides; Humunga Kowabunga and Storm Slides. Other sights in Mountain Mayday are Forgotten Grotto that is a caved walkway through the artificial mountain and a walkway with small waterfall across the slopes of Mountain Mayday named the Overlook Pass.

There is also the Hideaway Bay formerly known as the Out of the Way Cay, a sandy beach area known as the most hidden part of Typhoon Lagoon and also a new attraction added into the park. Hideaway Bay also has a water coaster called Crush ‘n Gusher also the first water coaster in a water park. It is also themed after an abandoned and dilapidated fruit process center and it has three different slides; Banana Bluster, Coconut Crusher and Pineapple Plunger. Visitors can choose which ever slides they wish to enjoy. All slides end in the same pool at the Hideaway Bay.

Typhoon Lagoon is not only the name of the whole water park but it is a name for one of the many of the water park’s attraction. There visitors can relax and spend their time sun tanning near the man-made beach.

As mentioned above, the main fun attraction is the Surf Pool. This is a wave pool which alternates on a 90 minutes surf of a 6 foot high wave and a 30 minutes bobbing waves cycle. Children can enjoy the Bay Slides which is a beginners slide designed with gentle slopes. Surf lessons can also be provided for those who want to learn how to surf at Craig Carroll’s Cocoa Beach Surf School. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone who has always wanted to learn how to surf in a safe environment, but have always put it off because they are afraid of sharks. It’s totally gnarly, dude!

After conquering your fear, you can head out to Shark’s Reef. This is an artificial sunken tanker built to separate 2 saltwater reefs. Visitors can walk through the tanker and learn about the many varieties of sea creatures in the Carribean Sea, such as sharks, stingrays, and others. This is a great educational facility where people can get a better and up-close view of snorkeling together with tropical fishes. All equipment is provided for free for both adults and children.

Castaway Creek is a slow current river that circles the entire park passing through the waterfalls, the rainforest and Mountain Mayday itself. Visitors can take a slow and peaceful ride in their respective tubes along the creek overlooking the entire park. The opening and landing stations for this ride is provided almost around the area. For younger children below the age of 6 can also have a great time in a small pool called the Ketchakiddee Creek. Small slides and fountains as well as tugboat that sprays water and a sandy beach can be found here as well.

Feeling hungry? Visitors need not to worry as Typhoon Lagoon provides variety of places to eat such as Leaning Palms; the main restaurant of the park, Typhoon Tilly’s, Happy Landing Ice Cream, Let’s Go Slurpin’ and Surf Doggies. Even better is for the visitor to enjoy a long picnic with their family and friends around the Getaway Glenn; located behind Happy Landing Ice Cream, or even at the Hideaway Bay itself. Souvenir and equipment shops are allocated around the area as well. North Pearl sells beautiful jewels made of pearls and Singapore Sal’s is the place for visitors to purchase their main souvenirs of Typhoon Lagoon.