Disney’s Blizzard Beach

Disney’s Blizzard Beach is the third water park introduce by the Disney World Resort. It is themed as a melting ski resort that was once hit by a major snowstorm that has now become a beach side complete with chair lifts and ski jumps with an alligator named ‘Ide Gator’ enjoying the water rides. Its operator, The Walt Disney Company, opened the park to visitors in April 1, 1995. Blizzard Beach is the second most visited water park in 2008 coming behind its sister park, Typhoon Lagoon. Its main attraction is an artificial hill that rise up to 90 feet and it the fifth highest point of Florida, Mount Gushmore.

Riding Mount Gushmore

Mount Gushmore is split up into three different slopes – the Green Slope, Purple Slope and Red Slope. The Green Slope is located at the top most level of the Mount Gushmore. Visitors can either walk up to the top or ride in the chair lifts. Up in the Green Slope there are three different water rides; Summit Plummet, Teamboat Springs and Slush Gusher. The Purple Slope has three slides one of which is created for non-competitive racing. Lastly is The Red Slope is located at the very rear of the park with a multi-slide attraction called Runoff Rapids. There are also other attractions such as Meltaway Bay, Ski Patrol, Tike’s Peak and The Chairlift.

At the topmost of Mount Gushmore is The Green Slope, which is the most famous ride here.. It is the second tallest and fastest free-fall slide in the entire world at 120 feet tall and reaches up to 67 miles per hour of speed. Next is the Teamboat Springs that is the world’s longest family white water rafting slide. Groups of 4 and up to 6 people will be experiencing water ride that twists, turns and splashes around their water rubber raft before landing into the pool area. Finally, the Slush Gusher is a snow-banked mountain gully body slide that has two places where it levels off before dropping down and slide back into the pool.

At The Purple Slope, guests can enjoy the Downhill Double Dipper. TI is the world’s only side-by-side racing slides created mainly for the purpose of non-competitive racing. There’s also the Snow Stormers which is a ‘mat-slide’ where riders will slide down on any of the three flumes that are 350 feet long while laying down on their stomachs on the toboggan style mat. The Toboggan Racers is an 8 lanes water slide where guests can race down the slides while laying front down on their toboggan style mat.

The Red Slope area offers the Runoff Rapids; a 600 feet tube slides. Visitors will be careen down the slides twisting and turning around inside the tubes passing through corrugated steel pipes. Visitors can also enjoy a surfing experience at the Meltaway Bay where an acre of artificial bobbing waves located just near the Mount Gushmore base.

The Ski Patrol is entirely for younger teenagers and children as it offers a poolside with variety of water attractions like Leisure Pool; a section where children can trotted around a make believe icebergs, Fahrenheit Drops; a rope drop over a half feet water height, Freezin’ Pipe Springs; a short body slide and lastly Cool Runners; a wide open slide area with rapid water rush that represent snow mounds.

Tike’s Peak is designed as a scaled down version of Blizzard Beach with gentle slides and snow fountain play area with water jets that is mainly created for younger children age 6 and below. Picnic areas are available around Tike’s Peak for family to enjoy their lunch or dinner time while cruising around the entire park. In order for guests to make their way up to The Green Slope or The Purple Slope, they can either take a ride up the The Chairlifts; a chair lift ride that takes up 3 guests and will travel through the wire from the base of Mount Gushmore and up to its summit, or take a stroll up the staircases that can be found the bottom of Mount Gushmore. The pathway up to the Red Slope is the staircase only.

Places to Eat
Guests can also entertain themselves with some of the many food treat offered by Blizzard Beach. From snack house to bars and even elite restaurants, everything can be found in the compound; Avalunch, Frostbite Freddie’s, Lottawatta Lodge, Polar Pub, I.C, Expeditions, The Cooling Hut and The Warming Hut. To get souvenirs of their time at Blizzard Beach, guests can make their way to The Beach Haus, the official merchandise store of the water park.

Vacation Tips
If you are planning on spending time experiencing the thrills at Disney’s Blizzard Beach, then renting a locker is highly recommended unless you want to lose all of your valuables whilst plunging down a nearly 13-story high flume through a dark tunnel that reaches speeds up to 60 miles an hour!

Transportation to and from Blizzard Beach is available via a shuttle bus which travels throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. It is complimentary for Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests. Otherwise, self-parking is also complimentary here.

Believe it or not, there is a dress code at the Blizzard Beach water park. This includes:

  • Wearing swimming costumes with exposed metal, buckles, or rivets is not allowed on the attractions

  • Wetsuits are not allowed on body slides

All in all, Disney’s Blizzard Beach is one cool way to have some great fun in the sun. After all, where else can you go on the world’s second tallest and fastest free-fall slide and the world’s longest whitewater rafting slide? Unlike some theme parks out there, you are destined never to get bored here at action-packed Blizzard Beach.