A Crash Course in Disney Water Parks

Splish! Splash! What’s the best way to have some fun at Disney World without having to visit Disneyworld? Visiting the Disney Water Parks, of course!

At Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida, everyone can join in the famous Disney magic with its many theme parks, resorts, hotels, spas, and even water parks. This famous landmark was based on the dream of Walt Disney, who wished to create a place where both children and adults alike could spend an entire day or even a week living their wildest dreams that their imagination could fathom. Ever since the first water park was introduced by Disney World in 1976, Disney and its visitors have never looked back.

River County was the first every water park that was opened by Disney in 1976. In 1982, the Typhoon Lagoon was opened. The team at Disney threw their passion into creating Typhoon Lagoon, where they created the largest wave pool in the world and created a real theme at the park that represented a tropical paradise that had just been hit by a great typhoon, leaving ships, surfboards, and fishing gear all over the place. However, the main attraction in this park is actually Mount Mayday, which is a man-made mountain that erupts a whopping 50 feet of water every half an hour!

Due to popular demand, Disney World once again created another magical waterpark, this time called Blizzard Beach. The theme of this park was that it was a well-established ski resort that was hit by a cruel snowstorm, and after a period of time, the snow melted and soon developed it into a beachside with the remains of the ski resort left behind. The main attraction at Blizzard Beach, Mount Gushmore, wowed crowds with its artificial snow-covered mountain, created with 3 main slopes where visitors could experience free falls and slides.

Disney’s water parks are truly a water adventure loving paradise for everyone of all ages. As it is situated in balmy Florida, this is really a fantastic way to enjoy Florida’s famous weather mixed with some good old fashioned Disney magic.